Bible Encouragement Passages

Bible Encouragement Passages
Can someone, anyone please give me some words of encouragement !!!!!!?

We are having an event at the church this afternoon and I'm supposed to get up and read some longer passages of the Bible. I am very nervous and my stomach feels queasy. Can someone please try to help me feel better?

yessir out his Bible and read the passages in the mirror it as many times as necessary until they feel comfortable talking about his brother, Jesus Christ and ask give you peace before during and after have been better the peace of God

Bible Encouragement PassagesBible Encouragement Passages
Bible Encouragement Passages

A passage more Mistaught and misunderstood of Scripture – Understanding 1 John 1

…. An ordinary Christian blasphemy at least, and just keep people coming!

So what's wrong with Christian teaching dominant in this Letter of John? Whatever the answer the dear population. How can this be what I hear you ask? Just because 1 John 1 does not address people saved or born to believers New! Again, how can you I hear you say, and if not addressed to believers the Spirit was born, how did "scholars of Bible "," ministers "," Mickey Mouse pastors and theologians missed this fundamental understanding of the Holy Word of God? Under the title recipients in the study of the Bible NIV it clear that John is addressed to believers, but notice that easily choose a Jean 2 to test your error is poised to go directly to Chapter 2 and Chapter process, a bypass completely. Why do it? Easy, the GES is the work of a committee, a committee of intellectuals know nothing Bible and theologians who were / are men with their own agenda – the agenda Cain-Judeo-Christian religion. Unfortunately, this program is not on the agenda of the Lord Jesus Christ and has never been – or could ever be.

Now there are two sources of error or misunderstanding at work here. The first and most important factor is the error reading the epistles of the New Testament as if they were, and are written for the benefit of individual observations, or just those born again. In fact, it was common failure of education for the majority of so-called Christians. The second error factor, which led to the first error is: the epistles of Paul are primarily intended to convert or be called, is say to those who are spiritually aware, so jump over "Authorities" to the conclusion that all the epistles of Paul are also letters written at the same hearing, students (disciples), spiritual beginners (children in Christ) and born-again believers mature (adult children) as well. I call this "one size fits all" or preaching, in his preaching, like all people with the same level of maturity spiritual and understanding, but as I will demonstrate, it is certainly not the case, All in 1 John 1, compared with 1 John 2 and the following chapters.

For example, consider this: everyone is in church on Sunday and a spiritual message is delivered. Now maybe this message for those who find faith, or perhaps spiritual children, or perhaps mature believers, some say, "Is there one? Difference: "Well, Paul certainly thought it was because he sometimes held his flesh teaching some congregations because they were not prepared this:

1 Corinthians 3:02 I have fed with milk and not with meat: for hitherto been unable to bear, even now you can.

I never knew a minister who distinguished or separated from his herd for teaching. Why? After explaining 1 John 1 I hope you understand why he did it.

So if 1 John 1 does not apply the born-again believers, to whom it is addressed and what is the issue at stake here in this passage of Scripture? Is it a sin issue? Eh Well, yes, of course, but again, no more than that. The emphasis is more to do with the consciousness of sin, the ability recognize sin and attitude toward sin, a willingness to accept a sinner, a willingness to confess our sins, for the first time – honesty and sincerity. This means being prepared not to live in a state of denial, an atmosphere of self is not kidding – Truth, but before getting into the meat of this passage, we must understand the first verses of 1 John 1, since this are the same verses that the "experts" Christian reading current and / or ignore. If you read, then, are quite alien to the importance of them, and thereby made spiritual death trap for themselves and worse yet, put a spiritual death trap for their herds. So now read crucial opening verses of 1 John 1 and fully take in what you say

1 John 1:1-5 "That which was from the beginning, we heard what we have seen with our eyes, which looked, touched with our hands on the Word of life, verse 2; (For the life was manifested, and we have seen, to testify and to inform you that eternal life which was with the Father and was manifested to us.) Verse 3; What we saw and heard, we proclaim to you, that ye also may have fellowship with us, and our fellowship is with the Father and His Son Jesus Christ. Verse 4: And these things we write, that your joy may be full. Verse 5; This is the message we have heard Him and that we announce God is light and in him is no darkness. "

Look carefully at these verses. "That which was from the beginning, what we have heard … "John is immediately set the direction, style and approach of this letter, or as some have commented – The sermon – a letter that was read aloud to the churches, but what is the thrust or focus of this letter and why it is as if all is new to the listeners and of course it is. The first five verses are a declaration and the word "declare" appears twice, verses 3 and 5 -. Now, news reporting not only the states of old news by As the opening operation of these verses must be for the benefit of those who have not heard this message before, which were new to this message education. Why Juan declare "this news to those who turn -?? To those who are already born again You bet, right I have not heard this message before, of course, they, they knew well that the apostle John was a disciple of Jesus Christ of origin. Have you not noticed, too, the important point here, a more important point which is a statement? I put in bold and underlined and the word "declare" ie "you may have fellowship with us." We need to understand this important people en masse! This tells us that these people still are not in communion with the brethren of this church, but not yet in communion with the congregation the church and in the region if they are ignored this truth, then do it at your own risk.

OK, now go to fleshy part of this chapter, and notice, John begins with the word "YES" (The biggest word in the world) And he said that five times.So we go through these five lines, one by one, and reveal the true message or truth in them:

1) Verse 6: "If we say we have fellowship with Him yet walk in darkness, we lie and do not practice the truth "

Immediately, John is saying obvious, how can we say we have fellowship with Jesus Christ and walk in darkness, but it is impossible and it is a contradiction total terms and in contradiction with the spiritual truth and reality? So who are those who walk in darkness? Who do you think are fairies at the bottom of your garden? Why is it those who are still in the world and the world are not stored – are lost, living in darkness and walks in darkness and can not "make the truth." Why not "doing the truth because the truth is not in them? Why and how is not truth in them, because they have been called the Father to his Son, the Lord Jesus Christ by His Holy Spirit!? There are even born again or born from above. So why John do this challenge, opening statement? Why help these new converts potential to examine themselves to see if the father called his son or not – to see if they were "doing the truth" or was a God Father inner desire to give the truth. On the other hand, if we say we have fellowship with Him and we are not born again or disciples, they are liars – so simple.

2) Verse 7: "But if we walk in the light as it is light, we have fellowship to each other, and the blood of Jesus His Son cleanses us from all sin. "

Now, what John is saying when He said: "If we walk in the light, as it is in the Light" Let's be clear, the second use of the word "in" this is a bad translation, because the Lord Jesus Christ is the light, you should be able to walk in The Light for all the light that emanates in first place. The Lord Jesus Christ did not walk in the light that comes from elsewhere or other sources, and I'll rewrite the verse 5 of the proof of this fact:

1 John 1:5 This is the message we heard from him and declare to you: God is light and in him no darkness at all.

Back in verse 7, what is said here John? It says "If it is true?" Well, we do or not, that we walk in the light or not, or perhaps more importantly, how we walk in the light? It's easy, or maybe not so easy. We have begun to walk in the light unless the Father calls us to her son, then confess our sins, be baptized and receive the Spirit Saint and become a born again child or daughter of God. Now we walk in the light. Now we are in communion with each other as brothers and sisters that the blood of Jesus has cleansed us, now aware of this – all sin. All sin is sin all, some of our sins, but each of them! Past, present and future, and not leave any blasphemer who says otherwise.

3) Verse 8: "If we have no sin, we deceive ourselves and the truth is not in us. "

Now, my dear, attention Humdinger particular verse is most often used to prevent children from slavery to God in the Christian salvation through the ordinary process – SLAVE-tions.

On the other hand, here is a fundamental question: What kind of man or woman that we have no sin? This is not a believer to say, or someone who the Father is calling you? Is a non-believer that we have no sin? Or, in this case, these are converted Potential admit they are sinners or not, they will say we have no sin or confess that they are sin? If you say we have no sin, then they are deluding themselves. In this scenario of 1 John 1 Father probably call some of them, and this issue will challenge their convictions, but not others. Some of them are not true and they have some of the truth, it does not be true? Now, notice the last part "The truth is not in us." If the truth is not anyone when they are unregistered and the world is not born again, but they lack the life of the Holy Spirit. Now, if someone Father calls [see John 6:44, John 6:65], this potential to turn the consciousness of sin is automatically animated, or he or she will immediately consciousness of sin in their lives and for the first time. Any person who is called to the Father and the reading of this passage of Scripture, too, can also be condemned for their sins, for the first time in their life if they are called. This is the purpose of 1 John 1.

If, instead, We believe that this verse applies to the true believers or for those who are already Born Again, we will try to implement them and see if it has meaningless. By the way, I ask this question because there are thousands of ordinary Christians out there who have been baptized (but wrongly in the Trinity) and I think this verse applies to them, and then wonder why they did not find relief from guilt, and not peace – the peace that passeth comprehension. This, too, is why spend so much time and wasted effort, "try to do things with God" This means also that we do not live under grace.

OK, I strayed a little there, but a necessary digression. Therefore, is a son or daughter born God will say again that we have no sin? Hello! Sorry! Well, answer this way, the first thing the believer who going to say to that question is something like this: I have a body of sin that sin, but I, the spiritual man born again new, not sin, because he can not sin, which means that I can clearly say that we have no sin, besides the sin in my body sin, which is no longer with me a ship only live in it until my death my body grew and sin. It also means that you do not sin says I can not be myself and deceive the truth is, no doubt in me. Please read my articles: "The grace of our Lord Jesus Christ – His grace is true, is not the religious version Aguada! – Parts 1 and 2 "for details of the miracle what it really means to live under grace.

Now, given all that, you can now see the point in trying to apply this verse born-again Christians? This verse can only apply to those who approach the Lord Jesus Christ for the first time – a new potential converts. John uses this statement to invoke the regret or the system in the hearts and minds of these new people to the Father who may or may not, is called His Son.

4) In verse 9: "If we confess our sins, He is faithful and just to forgive us our sins and cleanse from all unrighteousness. "(Emphasis added)

John says if we confess our sins. Now, when we who? We know we have not, at the time of our call and / or at the time of our baptism? We must understand, too, that the confession of sins is made timely, confession of sins does not require repetitive Born again children and daughters of God. If Please see my article in the proof of this truth of the Bible: "it is assumed we confess our sins repeatedly and ordered? "

On the road, then John tells us that if we confess our sins, the Lord Jesus Christ is faithful and just to forgive our sins and purify us from all unrighteousness, no part or only a portion of injustice, but all of our injustice.

We must understand that solid foundation, being born again children of God and confess their sins are now walking in the light and the truth is that now they, and why John re-teach the new fundamental is that in preaching to the converted? No. The true believers keep believing and keep hope in Him are cleansed of all sins (1 John 3:3). This cleaning is done in baptism continued to receive the gift of the Holy Spirit. Verse 9, as in all of 1 John 1, you can not apply for new believers to faith and / or name is John and this is encouraging hearingthe message they were the first to confess their sins and repent, again, for the first time only.

5) Verse 10: "we say we have not sinned, we make Him a liar and his word is not in us."

This verse only confirms and summarizes what is said, with the added dimension of having the new converts that they have not acknowledged their sins and recognize they are sinners and yet claim to be walking in the Truth and Light we'll do the Lord to be a liar too. In addition, His Word and the truth is not in them. On the contrary, how could you apply the Born again to the children of God? I could not, because God is born of truth in them and thus walk in the light and can not sin, this statement may not have the purpose or apply only to those who have called this world of sin and its glorious light. Always remember that people can not survive the light of darkness – is impossible.

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