Bible Fight 2

Bible Fight 2
Bible verse number of fighting men in Judah? (A) Five hundred thousand b) One hundred seventy-four thousand?

(2 Samuel 24:9 or (I Chronicles 21:5)

Well if it was one that no doubt was b!

Bible Fight 2Bible Fight 2
Bible Fight 2

Is the Quran quoted from the Bible? (49) – Chapter 49 – C: The third part (ii)

Old Testament verses 1 to 10 speaks to his son Jacob said what is to happen in the last days (See: A: 1. Party)

New verses disciplines 1-10 Testament talks about Jesus and were in the ship fishing (See: Part 2: B).

The Noble Qur'an Verses 1-10, we are talking about Allah prohibits the immorality and warns us to fear, he hears everything and he knows it. Allah is Forgiving, the Merciful, God loves those who are (see: C: 3rd part – I and II).


Comparative Study between the Bible and the Quran (49) – C:

The third part (II)

(Chapter 49:6-10)

Verses from the Old Testament is talking 1-10 Joseph accused his brothers of stealing the crown.

The New Testament verses 1-10, we are talking about Jesus appeared first to Mary Magdalena.

Verses 6-10 Noble Qur'an is Allah prohibits the immorality and warns us to fear, it all you hear is omniscient our words, our actions. Those who take ethics and morality have forgiveness for their sins and abundant reward in Paradise. "Allah is Forgiving, Merciful, God is just and He loves those who are fair and equitable.


The Noble Qur'an:

Chapter 49 in the Quran is AL-HUJRAAT (LA Private apartments), but it is composed of 18 verses.

Verses 6-10 is 1) the commandments of God: If a man comes to you with some news, verify it, 2) God's commandments: Do not speak a lie, if otherwise, it would surely be in trouble twice, 3) God's Law If the two sides of the believers fall to fighting against and 4) the commandments of God: make peace between them when they fall into the disputes between them.


The meaning of the verses 49:6-10

Verse six says:

The has been revealed following a hypocrite whom the Prophet had sent to a nation of believers to gather their alms, I feared for an old enmity between him and them by Islam, in order to see them back with him and said he had refused to give voluntary charity and intent to kill him. And just as the Prophet was making plans for the raid, which came to him, to repudiate what the man had said about them hypocritical:

O believers, if a reprobate who come to you with good news, some information, check, check the truth of their lies to avoid damage to persons, that is, for fear of what happens out of ignorance, which, as you are ignorant, and become so remorseful that have committed against the people by mistake.

After they (the people) have returned to their country of origin, the Prophet sent a man good for them, only to detect obedience and goodness in them and then informed the Prophet this.

In In other words, the verse says:

Oh you who believe in Allah, Muhammad and the Koran, a hypocrite if I made some new news (check) whether the news is true or false, not to prejudice people without their knowledge, then ask forgiveness for what you have and I feel bad because it hurts them.

Verse seven says

And I know that the Messenger of Allah is he who, while not speaking the lie, for Allah will tell you the real situation. If the Messenger due in many cases that otherwise noted in reality, so that the necessary evil consequences arising therefrom, would certainly difficulty, he would win and sin, the sin of the consequences of his mistake. But God has endeared the faith that you, who decorate their heart to him, and he has made hateful to disbelief and immorality and disobedience to those characteristics are those well managed. they are the right spirit, firmly entrenched in the way of his religion;

Verse eight says:

It is a reward and grace of Allah, who honored the faithful and God is full of honor believers, the appropriate investment in their heart of love and hatred of the faith of infidelity, debauchery and rebellion.

Verse nine says:

If two groups of believers fight to make peace between them. And if one of these aggression against others, fighting the attacks until you return to the truth, the order of God. Then, if he returns reconcile, just and act justly. Surely God loves the righteous.

Verse ten says:

The believers are brothers indeed, on religion. So always make peace among his brothers through the Book of Allah (and fear of Allah), if conflict with another

and the fear of God about what you send more than make peace (which you can obtain mercy) and not be punished.


Verses 1-5 in different English translations:


QARIB: believers, if you are a criminal brings news, inquire first, in other cases, need to know evil and then repent of what you did.

Shakir O you who believe! if a criminal comes to you with a report, research attention to it, is not harmful to the health of a people in ignorance, then repent of what you've done

PICKTHAL: O ye who believe! if an evil-liver you bring good tidings, verify it, lest you strike some people in ignorance and then repent of what you did.

Yusufali: O ye who believe! if a wicked person comes to you with news, ascertain the truth, lest you unknowingly damaging people, then filled with remorse for what you did.


QARIB: namely that the messenger of God is within you. would fill in many cases surely suffer. But God has endeared the belief that you and embellished in your hearts, and is unpleasant to disbelief, wrongdoing, and disobedience. such are those which are only

Shakir: and I know of you is the Messenger of Allah, if they obey you in many cases probably fall into the danger, but God has endeared the faith you have already is decent in their hearts, and He has made hateful to you unbelief, rebellion and disobedience, these fans is that they are in common sense

PICKTHAL: and we know that the Messenger of Allah is among you. if it must be due largely government you'd be in trouble, but Allah has endeared faith to you and has beautified it in your hearts, and has made disbelief and lewdness and rebellion you hate. such are those who are guided.

Yusufali: I know of you is the Messenger of Allah is him on many issues, to follow his (desire), you probably fall into misfortune: but God is the love of your faith, and is beautiful in your hearts, and He has made hateful to you unbelief, wickedness and rebellion: in fact, are those who walk in righteousness –


QARIB: by the favor and blessing of God. Allah is Knower, Wise.

Shakir: By the grace of God and as a favor, and Allah is Knowing, Wise

PICKTHAL: (East) a premium and grace of Allah, and Allah is Knowing, Wise.

Yusufali: a grace and favor of God and Allah Knower, Wise.


If two control groups: QARIB believers including the reform. if one of them is insolent against the other, fight against the arrogant until you return to the order of Allah. upon return, the reform in justice, and weigh with justice. Allah loves those who weigh justice.

Shakir: And if two newsgroups believers, make peace between them, but if one does wrong to fight other, acting wrongly until it returns to the command of God, then, if he returns, make peace accord with justice and be fair: for Allah loves those acting fairly

PICKTHAL: And if two parties of believers fight, make peace between them. and if some of them oppresses you fight the other hand, that transgresses until obedience to Allah, then, if the statement to make peace between them justice and be fair. Here! Allah loveth the equitable.

Yusufali: If two groups believers enter a battle you peace between them: but if one of them rebels against the other, then fight you (all) against the rebels, until that it respects the order of Allah, but if it complies then make peace between them with justice and be fair! Allah loves those who are righteous (and right).


QARIB: believers are indeed brothers, therefore do things right between her two brothers and fear Allah, be subjected to mercy.

Shakir: Believers are more than brothers, therefore make peace between your brethren and be careful (your duty) to God's mercy on you can have

PICKTHAL: The Believers are but brothers. Therefore make peace between your brethren and fear Allah that ye may obtain mercy, perhaps.

Yusufali: The Believers are but a single brotherhood: so make peace and reconciliation between your two (saying) brothers and fear Allah, that ye may receive mercy.


Back the main theme of my series of articles, if you, the intelligent reader has read the second and third parts first (C: – I) of this article, you can now answer the question: "The Koran is quoted in the Bible?"

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