King James Bible In Spanish

King James Bible In Spanish
I am a Spanish speaker and someone gave me the Bible in the King James English, but I can not understand?

English and some words are strange .. I can understand a little .. I ask Christians who use the Bible can understand the language of King James .. because it is an old English and some words are not used more or spelling is a bit different .. Thanks for your responses.

You're absolutely right. The words are archaic. It was written in 1611, the English language is has indeed moved in a great ever since. Many of us understand the Bible well as we were brought up and taught us the meaning of the words. This should help activity / c / CSA / www / documents / Spanish / Bible.html

King James Bible In SpanishKing James Bible In Spanish
King James Bible In Spanish

Bible Code Software – deciphering the secrets of the Old Testament

Back in the 13 th century, a famous Jewish sage spoke of hidden messages in the Books of Moses. Five years ago, 300, the formulator of the law of gravity, Sir Isaac Newton also spoke about the Bible codes described as "a cryptogram set by the Almighty …. The riddle of the Godhead, the riddle of the future and events Past divinely foreordained. "

However, due to the total length of the Pentateuch and Old Testament decrypt the figure was almost impossible. Only in the last decade, with the development of powerful computers and specialized title = "Software Bible Code"> Bible Code software has become possible to easily and quickly scan the Old Testament the search for hidden codes in the Bible.

Codes of the Bible is an account code where each letter X, when attached, form a word, when examined in the context of passages that appear may be significant. For example, there are references to the Spanish Armada and many other events that occurred hundreds of years after writing the Old Testament.

Use Bible Code software in search of hidden word and meaning of the Old Testament is possible for everyone. You do not have to spend days and weeks to pay on biblical texts. Now, using your own personal computer and software Bible code that you can define your own parameters search and the search for hidden references that are relevant to you and your family.

Using Bible Code software can search hidden references to children in their names – and yes, most of the Bible Code software allow you to transcribe the text from English to Hebrew, even if you have no knowledge of Hebrew.

Good Bible Code software also give you the tools that allow you to investigate other aspects of the Bible. Compare the texts of the King James Version English with other and even in Hebrew. Some Code The software also includes a Bible concordance, gematria (numerology), the Hebrew date converter West and many other tools that will improve understanding and experience of the Old Testament.

Something is certain, using software code to study the Bible Old Testament will provide hours of fun and provide you amazing skills in these timeless books and his own life.

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Why does my Spanish-English Bible King James Version King James Version "on the last bridge? Souldn't the same version in English and Spanish? … Sorry, but only started reading the Bible and it's something that caught my attention. I not doing research. Thank you in advance.

Well, I do not think the King James know Spanish.

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