Short Bible Jokes

Short Bible Jokes
What qualities do women most admire in men? And what do they like?

Today women swoon over boys with the smug attitude, loud-mouthed, loud braggart, body fitness, luxury clothes, luxury cars, a lot of $$$$$$$$$$$$ to spend in it, the prospects for material mind, walk with a strut and arrogant, boastful, drinks, smokes, always telling jokes, silly, silly, attends to his whims., act shallow and superficial. Today's women despise men with less than a gym body, on the short side, guys who are Showoffs quiet, introspective, conservative humble and not, pray to God and the Bible study, devotees, have a serious nature, intellectual, profound, studious, who think and act differently from the crowd. Who not act as a clown to amuse and entertain a child of it. Guys who keep their dignity, his reserved demeanor, soft-spoken, gentle, sensitive, ethical. These are girls as men. About hate this myth that women look inside "or" spiritual "qualities" of men-that is a lie MORE BIG HAS BEEN SAID – What People Are Saying

Sadly most of that is true, I like a man who is strong and stuff. But I also want something real, you know what I mean. Those guys with big money and Showoffs not going to be someone I want to be forever, are just the kind of informal relationship.

Short Bible JokesShort Bible Jokes
Short Bible Jokes

Why tell the facts and stories to sell!

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Since the caveman discovered how to attach a sharp stone at the end of a stick with a solid piece of vine, and cut pieces of meat giant with him on the fire for cooking the narrative, was the knowledge of how it is transmitted from one person to another.

Around the campfire, met with tribal members, young children watching warily from behind her parents, her bright eyes wide silver dollars, music … The gray old witch-doctor can hear his voice hoarse, as it turns on a thread before?

He is learning history, to surround and kill a mammoth total, operates the cunning of the former member of the clan, as the old surviving a violent storm. There are stories of love and war, the discovery of magic potions and spells, cannibals trouble is.

Since time immemorial, stories have been the conduct of learning … the baton passes from a sacred generation to another … without which human development is stopped.

We are creatures of history …

The other day I was browsing a generation campaign for a client sent me to criticism. He also sent me of your competitors' marketing materials, and I looked too.

Marketing my young friend had taken the same approach lifeless than their opponents. He began as most advertisers do business with a litany of platitudes without life meaningless. It was almost as interesting as oatmeal on a cold gone.

"Suppose you were the customer," I told my friend. "Whether for a minute. Know that the batteries are facing these things, they accumulate on the roof of his office, institutional marketing should read these pieces dry in time for your employer. No wonder the sales and hatred marketing. It is drowning in paper excrement. Can you see? Want to burn accumulated.

Suddenly, something breaks …

He gets mad. He grabs the brochure at the top of the stack, start from the top sheet, light a match and now, laughing, drooling all over himself, eats fire Recently, a page at a time.

Drop the burning marketing package on the floor, and adds others until there is a large fire in the central office. You can see the crazy fan the flames with the sales letter after sales letter until it comes to hers. He picks it up. This is the last left. At that time, the curtains caught fire and the place becomes an inferno. He stops a moment to read the last version of sales that will never see. What to read?

XYZ Corporation is a provider of communications solutions with a leading portfolio of Class global connectivity, infrastructure management and IT services. Because of their thoughts, ideas and business needs are just very unique, XYZ Company believes that our role is to equip your business with advanced communications solutions to their goals specific. XYZ Company works with you to understand your business, your challenges and how it works. Only then can we determine what you need – and what does not. Our three main business areas are:

"Do not you see that poor guy?" I said. "With your sales letter hand, screamed horrible past, throwing your stuff on fire, and is about to attack him when, just in time is saved by a large burly fireman break the door and rush into .. Why not save the lives of the poor in the first place to start your sales letter with a history full benefits? "

I could tell my client, "The copy is too formal and traditional and a little trite." It would probably just forgotten that the next time, he began to write. But he will never forget the history of the purchasing agent mad burn his office.

Telling stories and hearing stories are most behaviors that distinguish us as a species. We discriminate against adults In many ways, on the basis of our primary experiences-stories of our childhood. They are always located in both our conscious and unconscious. The drama of movies, television and theater are stories. Jokes are short stories. Parables of the Bible are stories.

The tale is in the blood. It is and listened to stories that concern them. Ergo, the story is the most powerful structure eventually be used to build any patter.

When you open your copy with a story to disarm his natural aversion to the sales perspective, and engage in a "talking ad" does can never be. In turn, greatly increases the chances of having to actively explore the reasons why they should want your product and dramatically moves you closer to the sale.

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Daniel Levis is a top marketing consultant & direct response copywriter based in Toronto, Canada and publisher of the world famous copywriting anthology “Masters of Copywriting” featuring the marketing wisdom of 42 of the world’s greatest copywriters, including Clayton Makepeace, Joe Sugarman, Joe Vitale, Bob Bly and dozens more! For a FREE excerpt visit the link

Benny Hinn is a true Christian can not really heal someone?

The Bible says there are many false prophets have gone out into the world? Benny Hinn is a case he can cure why not go to the hospital where patients are hair, he can not heal someone by that today. repent of their sins, I say, but unless you repent you will all perish likwise whosever Lucas March 13 to invoke the name of Lord shallbe saved Romans 10, 13 Romans 3, for all sinned and fall short of the glory of God 23. Satan wants to burn in hell mr false preachers. Hinn you it takes. 1 John 1, 7 and blood of Jesus Christ His Son cleanses us from all sin. canbe hell away your home today is not a joke where their worm does not die and the fire goes out, you Marc 9, 48 repent of their sins before. repent now say the sinners prayer Dear Lord Jesus, I know I am a sinner on my way to hell, I know. I know his blood for me section to wash my sins. I think death is risen the third day, please come to my heart, forgive my sins, Amen

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