Bible Job 1

Bible Job 1
Does anyone know where I can find a summary of each chapter of the bible?

Like a summary on Genesis ch. 1, genesis ch. 2, etc. or job ch. 1, job ch. 2 etc…A summary/opinion/sidenote/note type thing on each chapter. That would be great if you showed me a website thank you. P.S. i need one ASAP.
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become a better enlightened individual and study the bible…lol

Bible Job 1Bible Job 1
Bible Job 1

Was anyone else in the Bible perfect besides Jesus and Job?

Job 1:1
Nina, are you saying that Job 1:1 is a lie?
Read Job 1:1
Why are people denying what it says in the bible?
Thank you becca.
Thank you oldguy.

Well, let’s look at this. The word perfect is not used in the Hebrew. The word Tam means whole hearted. It doesn’t mean without sin. The yshav means upright, but it doesn’t imply perfect. So if you have a translation that says perfect, that translation is incorrect. In fact, there is no word for perfect in Hebrew that I’m aware of.

For a prooftext, look at ecclesiasties 7:20.

20 For there is not a righteous man upon earth, that doeth good, and sinneth not.

In Judaism, there is no concept that a person can ever be perfect. In fact, we are cautioned against thinking a person must never consider themselves to be righteous and must at all time consider themselves evil.

As for the person the christians worship, I don’t follow that book.

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