Bible Memory Verses For Kids

Bible Memory Verses For Kids
Do you think it is okay for a Sunday School teacher for the award of a student?

We prizes after each quarter for the student with more points. You get points for attendance, and bring your Bible, and to remember the memory verse we worked on last week. They gave me stickers students to record their points, and a page for the stickers that aFixed a. Since I'm still pretty new to having my own class, this is the first trimester I be giving a prize. So I asked this other teacher if the church give me a prize for the issue or I have to buy something. This one teacher said do not give the prize. Not believe in rewarding a child for doing what they are supposed to. She said this in a nasty, no nonsense manner, which seemed to sound like "Why are so stupid? "This is the same teacher who does not bother to show half the time, never calls in. We need to monitor your class, take your children in our class if it does display. Sometimes it comes late, gets upset if their children are in my class. MY fault!

How old are the children? Being rewarded for doing what are expected not a bad thing, especially for younger children. But no matter how old, is still OK. After all, her salary is not rewarded for doing what is supposed to do? And these children in class are not getting the reward will feel bad when faced with children who benefit from them. Not Ignore her, she sounds like a nasty piece of work.

Bible Memory Verses For KidsBible Memory Verses For Kids
Bible Memory Verses For Kids

Memory Bible Verses – Not Allowed boredom

I'll be honest with you. I was not a big fan of the memory verses from the Bible in I first began to create and teach lessons in the church of the child. I resisted adding activities to memory the lessons that I created. Do not get me wrong, memorizing Bible is absolutely important for children. My only condition is that Children need to have fun while learning Bible verses!

Do not be boring

If you've read one of my articles or website content, you know my position in the ministry for children. Please do not bore them! It is a crime to be annoying when you have the word of God in the great church for children, children's story of the Bible or the activity of the verse of the Bible. God is anything but boring, however, our methods can be sometimes.

I resisted Add verse: "memory> Bible verses in my curriculum vitae, because the activity of a child to the memory was totally boring. We read the verse again and again that was written on the blackboard. We still sitting on our chairs while we did. Ah yes, now that a lot of fun! I refused to put children under torture as church lessons my children! Bible verse activities must be effective and fun! Here are some ideas for you to try. They are easy to configure and fun for children.

Dig For the Word of God

Children love to dig and find things in the sand, packaging noodles, dried beans, or something like that. Make strips of paper and write the words in your Bible verse them. Add a few words that are not in verse of the Bible for a fun challenge. Report strips on the sand. Children take turns to dig the words and the formation of the verses. Doubling or tripling the supplies and equipment to do more.

Torres Bible verse

Type this … Children love building with blocks! Yes, even my students in 5th and 6th for building with blocks. Believe me on this matter. Use something that I think is fun and adapt Bible activity to a memory verse. In small letters, write each word on a small strip of paper. Each strip of tape word of the Bible verse side of a printing. The mixture of blocks and the children build a tower down. Try these alternatives:

* Time of teams or individuals to see who can successfully build their first tower.

* Combine several sets of blocks in a stack and individuals or teams must find all words to build around.

* Mix in the misspelled words and blocks their votes for a challenge.

* Hide the blocks around the room for more young people to seek.

Try these activities as a game to break the ice for the introduction of sign in the period prior to the church Lesson royal children begins. Set up several stations for children to participate in when they enter the classroom. These are just some ideas the location of the memory verses from the Bible deeply into the heart of children. As always, be creative and draw their own activities. Remember, the presentation of the Word of God to our children should never be boring!

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The children of our church is going to recite some verses of Bible for our Christmas program. We have a couple, but I needed something else. Please help.

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