Audio Bible Online Streaming

Audio Bible Online Streaming
Audio Bible Online Aramaic?

Does such a thing exists? I refer specifically in Aramaic – I'm not looking for any other language. And to be downloadable or streaming. is a great website for them. It is a place where people read books and upload for others to download for free. I posted a link in one simple search term "Bible" Greek versions, and there are others that look like they are written in Aramaic. Good luck. Http: / / / newcatalog / search.php? Title = bible & author = & status = all & action = Search

Audio Bible Online StreamingAudio Bible Online Streaming
Audio Bible Online Streaming

Non-stop Year Audio Bible Ministry

2009 was a busy year in the Faith comes by hearing in the world, especially Audio Bible Ministry.

This international organization of the Bible has recorded in New Audio Bibles launched new ranges and more nations and the design and implementation of new technologies for the audio of the Bible.

Faith comes from accounts set up over 85,000 Bible listening groups in villages, neighborhoods, schools, slums, hospitals, orphanages, correctional systems, churches and mega churches house. 8.5 million people listen to the Word of God for this year alone.

Over 130 audio recordings of the Bible began in 2009. Approximately 50 teams to register the Bible, composed of national workers, scattered land dark and dangerous challenges facing the same adversity suffered some persecution for the Word of God recorded in a format of their tribe colleagues can use.

A new extension, the military BibleStick project was a huge year. More than 34,000 military BibleSticks found their place in bags and pockets, the United States and the deployment members through service of military chaplains who served in the world. With the recent commitment of 30,000 additional troops in Afghanistan, faith comes from hearing expected wave of new applications to meet the growing need.

The ministry also tested in the field herald ® Mini, a palm Audio hand Disciple Bible designed for small groups of 30 or less. Harbinger ® Mini comes with preloaded map the entire New Testament and has a slot for Memory allows workers to proclaim the Word of God in areas with multiple languages.

In May, the ministry launched the Audio Bible Ambassador ®, an innovative plan to distribute the Bible to inspire people to download Audio Bibles in other languages to reach other via the Internet.

Another new online Bible continuous audio player, welcomed in the world, now has more than 500,000 people listening to the Bible in their own language.

At home, nearly 14,000 churches and parishes have attended the Bible audio campaign, called You've got time. Faith comes by hearing provided more than 4 million audio Bibles through this campaign.

In Houston, the Department worked with hundreds of churches and parishes throughout the country, you called the city Got The Time Houston. Nearly half a million people listened to the Bible their home, a car, at work or in private.

Faith comes by hearing should help to millions of hearing the Word of God in their own language in 2010.

About the Author

While on a post 9/11 deployment, Jon D. Wilke began reading the Bible and accepted Jesus Christ as his Saviour. Now he is using his years of print and broadcast journalism experience to serve God.

Where can I download the bible in audio version?

Like an mp3 possibly? That I can put onto my ipod, or maybe just streaming online?

I just want to listen to it at night without having to put my eyes through such agony. I find it hard to read and for it to be enjoyable if I have had a long day’s work.

Is a free audio book arcive for books that rest within public domain, which the bible is one.

However if you wish to listen to something better check this free audio download:

Pastor Carl Gallups – 2 Minute Audio Teachings and Live Talk Radio