List Of Bible Prophets

List Of Bible Prophets
Please see the list clearly how God attched as described in the Bible and the Koran. The question is ..?

Please refer to the events of the Bible and Quran verses about God on this link below. Http:// Question: So why do 99% Muslims and idolize Christian prophets, humans, or spirit and others?

Salaam (Peace). 99% of Muslims do not "idolize" anyone of the Prophets (peace and blessings of Allah be upon them all), or any human being spiritual, angels … etc. I looked at that link you posted, and verses the Qur'an speaks against those who "worship" to anyone but Almighty God, Creator of Heaven and Earth. I have no idea how he could have reached the conclusion in the question of the information provided on that link. Anyone who read the Quranic verses can clearly see for themselves what you say is false. God bless. Salam (Peace).

List Of Bible ProphetsList Of Bible Prophets
List Of Bible Prophets

Jean-Baptiste announced a prophet mighty

Jean-Baptiste, according to accounts of the four evangelists, was a cousin and contemporary of Jesus, being only six months older than him. The Koran says nothing about the life and work of this prophet, unless God, by angels, "says his father Zechariah, "And the angels called him when he was in the sanctuary of worship, saying:" Allah gives you glad tidings of John, confirming a Word of God. a teacher and chaste, a Prophet and just "Ch 3:39 Quran .. Nothing is known of his childhood, except that it was the life of the Moors in the desert ate grasshoppers and wild honey to cover his body with a soft camel's hair, tied with a leather belt. He is suspected of belonging a Jewish religious sect called the Essenes "editor of the first Christians" Ibionites "whose main characteristic was to refrain pleasures of the world. In fact, this descriptive term Koranic prophet hermit – "hasura", meaning "chaste" in every sense – shows that led a life of celibacy and chastity, poverty piety. He could not see from his youth until he was a man of thirty or more when he began his mission of preaching repentance and baptism sinners penitents with water. Large crowds were attracted to the desert Judea to hear the sermons of fire of the new prophet, and Jews were baptized penitents with him in Jordan. He rebuked the Pharisees, but educated fanatics and priests, and threatened the sadooq learned but rationalist (Sadducees) revenge to come. Said they have been baptized with water as a sign of purification of heart through repentance. Proclaimed that salvation does not come after another prophet who would baptized in the Holy Spirit and fire, to meet his wheat into the barn and burn up the chaff with unquenchable fire.

He also argued that that comes after such a measure was superior to himself in power and dignity that the Baptist confessed to being unable or unworthy to stoop to lose, and lose the laces of his shoes. It was in one of these actions of the Prophet great baptism Yahya (John Baptist) that Jesus of Nazareth, also entered the water from the Jordan and was baptized by the prophet as everyone else. Mark (I, 9) and Lucas (iii 21), that the report of the baptism of Jesus by John, are not aware of the comments of John at this time as mentioned in Matthew (iii) which states that the Baptist said to Jesus: "I need to be baptized by you, and you came to me "For the latter said he respond?. We will meet justice, "and then named The synoptic condition that the spirit of prophecy came to Jesus in the form of a dove out of the water, and heard a voice saying: "This is my beloved Son, in whom I am well pleased. "

The Fourth Gospel knows nothing Jesus was baptized by John, but he tells us that Baptist, when he saw Jesus, he cried: "Behold the Lamb of God," etc. (John i). The Gospel says that Andrew was a disciple of John the Baptist, and left without their captain brought his brother Simon to Jesus (John i) – a history of flagrant contradiction with statements by other evangelists (Matthew iv. 18-19, Mark I. 16-18). In Luke's story is completely different: Here Jesus met Simon Peter before he became a disciple, and the circumstances leading to a Master (Luke iv 38, 39). to enroll children of Jonah and Zebedee in the list of his disciples is totally foreign to the other Evangelists (Luke VI, 1-11). The four Gospels of the Trinitarian church contain many contradictory statements on the talks between the two Prophets cousin. In the fourth Gospel, we read that the Baptist knew who Jesus was after his baptism of the Spirit as a dove descended and dwelt in Him (John i), while St. Luke tells us that the Baptist, then a fetus in the womb, I knew, and who loved Jesus, who was also a younger fetuses in the womb of Mary (Luke i. 44). Again, we are told that the Baptist, in prison, where he beheaded (Matthew xiv), did not know the true nature of the mission of Jesus!

There is an indication mysterious hidden in the questions The Prophet Yahya by the priests and Levites. Ask the Baptist: "Art thou the Messiah, Elijah you" And when he says "No"! Say: "If none is the Messiah or Elijah or a prophet and that, why then do you baptize? "(John i). Therefore, to note that, according to the fourth Gospel John the Baptist was the Messiah or Elijah or the Prophet! And I dare not ask the Christian churches, who believe that the inspiration of all these statements contradictory, the Holy Spirit – that is, the third of three gods – which made the Jewish priests and Levites say "And the Prophet?" And if they pretend not knowing that the Jewish clergy for their parents and fathers who know "The Prophet" is? If not, what is the use of land these parasites and interpolated Gospels? If, for Instead, you know that the Prophet, why do not you shut up?

In the above quote (John i) expressly states that the Baptist said he was not a prophet and that Jesus would have said "no man born of women are becoming more Jean "(Matthew). Was Jesus really make that statement? Is John the Baptist greater than Abraham, Moses, David and Jesus himself? And what makes their superiority and greatness consist? If this testimony Jesus the son of Zechariah, are genuine and true, then the size of "Devourer locusts in the desert "can test his absolute dedication, devotion, and abstain from the whole world with all its luxuries and pleasures, her ardent desire to call people to repentance, and good news about "what the Prophet."

Or is that his greatness is – that it the churches – a cousin, a contemporary witness and Jesus? The value and greatness of a man and a prophet, can be determined and appreciated for their work. We are absolutely ignorant of the number of people converted through sermons and purified by the baptism of John. We are not informed with respect to the effect that the conversion of Jews penitent attitude toward "the Lamb of God!"

Christ would have said John the Baptist was the reincarnation of Elijah (Matthew 14, 12 xvii; .. Luke i. 17), while John specifically Jewish delegation that he was not Elijah, nor Christ, nor that the Prophet (John i).

Now, is it full of these statements Gospels opposition and deny others a good conclusion? Or you can try to find the truth? The office is extremely grave and serious, because the people affected are not mere mortals like us, but two prophets that were created in the womb by the Spirit and born miraculously – there was no father, while parents of other couples were infertile and impotent nonagenarian. The seriousness of the charge is more serious if one considers the nature of the documents in which these contradictory statements have been prepared. The storytellers are evangelists, people accused of being inspired by the Spirit Saint, and the record considered as a revelation! However, it is a lie, a false statement, counterfeit or somewhere. Elijah (or Elias) is said come before "the Prophet" (iv Evil 5, 6.) Jesus said: "John is Elijah", John said, "I'm not Elijah, and Scripture Holy Christians making these positive and negative statements!

It is absolutely impossible to arrive at the truth, the real religion, since these gospels, unless they are read and discussed from an Islamic perspective and Unitarian views. Only then can the truth be extracted from the false and the true difference in the false. It is the spirit and the faith of Islam, the only one who can sift through the Bible and throw the ball and the error of your pages. Before going further to see that the Prophet announced by the Baptist could not be other than the Prophet Muhammad, I must draw attention of my readers would be one or two important points.

May first be noted that Muslims have the highest respect and veneration for all Prophets especially for those whose names are mentioned in the Koran, as John (Yahya) and Jesus ('Isa), and we believe that the apostles or the disciples of Jesus were holy men. But his writings are not authentic and pure can not even imagine the possibility that either of these two great adorers God would be no contradiction between them.

Another important point to note is the significant silence of the Gospel of Barnabas, concerning John the Baptist. This gospel, never mentions the name of Yahya, he places his prophecy about the prophet more powerful "in the face of Jesus Christ. In this Christ, speaking of the Spirit the prophet Mohammed as having created before the other prophets, said he was so proud that when Jesus is considered unworthy to kneel and undo the laces of his shoes.

The great "preacher" in the desert, as part of his sermons to the crowd, for crying say aloud: "I baptize you with water for repentance and forgiveness of sins, but no. is he who comes after me is mightier than I, laces his shoes I am not worthy to untie. He will baptize in the Spirit and fire "These words are reported differently by the Evangelists, but all show the same sense the greatest respect and consideration for the individuality and dignity of this great prophet imposing predicted. These words Bautista are very descriptive as Eastern hospitality and honor of a visit worthy. When the visitor into the host, or a family member rushes shoes, and accompanied him to a couch or pillow. When the customer leaves the same performance is repeated friendly, but you can get the shoes, ropes connecting the host's lap.

What Jean-Baptiste is the way that if I was to meet the Prophet certainly consider unworthy worthy of honor give to free his shoelaces. In this tribute to beforehand by the Baptist, one thing is certain: that the Prophet had predicted that he was known by all the prophets as Adon, Lord, and the Sultan, if not as an honorable person, the Messenger of caste and sinless God Prophet Yahya would not have made such a humble confession.

Now is the task of determining the identity of "that prophet." In this article, therefore, should be divided into two parts, namely:

A. The prophet Jesus was not expected, and

B. The prophet Mohammed said.

Everyone knows that the Christian churches have always considered John the Baptist as a subordinate Jesus and his herald. All Christian commentators see Jesus as the object of John's testimony and prophecy.

Although language evangelists has been distorted by interpolators to this address, however, fraud or mistake can never escape your eyes a critical and impartial examiner. Jesus could not be the subject of John's testimony, because:

(1) The preposition "after" clearly excludes Jesus from being the prophet foretold. The two were contemporaries, was born in a single year. "He who comes after me, "said John," is stronger than me "What" later "means that the future is at some distance for a period indefinite, and in the prophetic language that expresses one or more cycles of time. It is well known to the Sufis and those who lead a life of contemplation and spiritual in each cycle, equivalent to five or six centuries, it seems that a great soul Luminary surrounded by several satellites that are in different parts of the world, and make great religious and social movements that last for several generations until another brilliant prophet, accompanied by many disciples and colleagues, reforms seem prodigious and lighting. The story of true religion, the prophets Abraham, Mohammed is then decorated with these epoch-making events in the prophets Abraham, Moses, David, Zerubbabel, Jesus and Muhammad. Each of these periods is marked with special characteristics. Each is a course, then starts to fade and decay until there is another essential to the scene, and so on until the arrival of John, Jesus and the Apostles by satellite.

John found his nation and work hard under the iron yoke of Rome, with its pagan evil Herod and his legions. He saw the ignorant Jew duped by a corrupt and arrogant clergy, scripture damaged and replaced by a literature ancient superstitions. He found that people had lost all hope of salvation, except that the prophet Abraham, who was his father, to save them. He told them that Abraham did not want for their children because they were unworthy of such a father, but that "God may raise up children to Abraham from stones (Matthew iii). Then there was a glimmer of hope in a Messiah, a descendant of the family of David, who was then, as do today, so come and restore the kingdom of this king in Jerusalem.

Now, when the Jewish delegation in Jerusalem asked: "Are you the Christ? "He indignantly answered negatively to this and their questions. Only God knows what he reproaches and reprimands they have heard statements Desert Fire Holy Prophet of the church or synagogue have been careful not to reveal in writing.

Leaving aside the exaggerations, which were clearly added to the Gospel, we firmly believe that the Baptist introduced Jesus as the true Messiah, and informed the crowd to obey and follow their precepts and his Gospel. But he clearly said his people that there was another, and the past, a great light, which was so glorious and worthy in God's presence he (John) was not worthy to untie the laces of his shoes.

(2) It was Jesus Christ may be provided by John, because if that were the case would have followed Jesus and presented him as a scholar and a subordinate. But this was not the case. Instead, we find his preaching baptism, receiving insiders and followers of King Herod punitive scold the Jewish hierarchy, and announces the coming of another prophet more powerful "than he, without any knowledge of the presence of his cousin in Judea and Galilee.

(3) While Christian churches have made Jesus Christ a god or son of god, that he was circumcised and all Israel, and was baptized by St. John as the ordinary Jew, shows that the case is exactly the opposite. The words exchanged between the Baptist and the baptism in the Jordan River seems to be an interpolation or a crowd because they are contradictory and misleading. If Jesus is really the person to whom the Baptist foretold that "more powerful" than him, so was "not worthy of kneeling and to untie his shoes "and that" he will baptize in the Holy Spirit and fire "no need or sense to be baptized their lowest in the river as a penitent Jew ordinary! The words of Jesus: "It is our responsibility to answer any justice" is incomprehensible. Why and how "fairness" would be performed by them if Jesus was baptized? This expression is completely unintelligible. Or is an interpolation or a term deliberately mutilated. Here's another example that appears to be resolved and the interpretation of the spirit Islamic. From the Muslim point of view the only sense in this sentence of Jesus is that John, through the eyes of a prophet or "Sophie" perceived the prophetic character of the Nazarene, and I thought for a moment to be the last great prophet of Allah, and therefore declined to name, and only Jesus when he confessed, his own identity who has consented to be baptized.

(4) The fact that John in the prison sent his disciples to Jesus, by asking: "Are you the prophet who should come? Or will we wait for another "shows clearly that the Baptist did not know that the gift of prophecy to Jesus he heard – in prison – his miracles, the testimony of San Mateo (. XI, 3) contradicts and replaces the fourth Gospel (John i), which states that the Baptist Seeing Jesus cried: "Behold the Lamb of God who takes (or has) the sin of the world!" The fourth evangelist knows nothing the martyrdom of John (Matthew vi xiv Marcos 14-29.).

Muslims and the unity point to understand is a moral impossibility that prophet like John the Baptist, the Holy Qur'an which describes Sayyidan, Maestro wa Hasuran, caste, wa Nabiyyan, a prophet, the mine "-Salihlina the righteous" shall use an expression like paganish of Jesus Christ. The nature and essence of John's mission was to preach repentance – that is, each man is responsible for its sin and should remain, or take himself through repentance. Baptism was just an ablution or washing as a sign of remission of sins, but the contribution, the confession (to God, and who is wounded by sin – if absolutely necessary) and a promise not to repeat, you can take it. If Jesus was the Lamb of God, "to remove the sin of the world, after the preaching of John would – God forbid! – Ridiculous and absurd! In addition, no one knew better than John these words from his lips that caused – as was the case – a unrecoverable error which disfigures and distorts everything the Church of Christ. The root of the error that has tarnished the religion of the churches must be sought and found this stupid "Vicarious Sacrifice" business! A "Lamb of God" takes away the sin of the world? In the pages dark Ecclesiastical History "one of many churches and hostile" heretics "respond with great n! The" Lambs " in the confessional-boxes I can tell by their groaning under the enormous weight of sin on his shoulders multicolor that Christians, despite their knowledge and of civilization, committing terrible sins, murder, theft, intemperance, adultery, war, oppression, theft and insatiable greed for conquest and money while the rest of humanity as a whole.

(5) Jean-Baptiste could not be the forerunner of Jesus Christ in the sense that the church accomplish its mission. He presented us by the Gospels as a voice "crying in the wilderness "As the fulfillment of a passage from Isaiah (XL, 3), and as a herald of Jesus Christ on the authority of the prophet Malachi (Mal. iii. 1). To say that the mission or duty of John the Baptist preparing the way for Jesus – the first in the capacity of a precursor and the second in a triumph comes "suddenly to his temple, and not to establish their religion in" Shalom "and make Jerusalem with its temple more glorious before (ii Hag 8 ..) – is to admit the total failure of the entire company.

However, one thing is as certain as two plus two together – the whole project, according to the extravagant view Christians, demonstrates a complete failure. Because every point of view examines interpretations of Churches, the failure seems obvious. Instead of receiving her prince in Jerusalem, the Temple gate bearing diadem and purple, amidst the acclamations frenzied Jews, the precursor to receive him as naked in the middle Jordan, and after insertion, after dipping or diving to his master in water, people like "Lo, the Messiah!" or "is the Son of God!" or elsewhere: "Behold the Lamb of God!" or simply the amount of insulting the people of Israel or to blaspheme, or just make fun of Jesus, as well as ridiculous.

True nature of the mission of austere asceticism, and the true meaning of his preaching is totally misunderstood by the churches, but understood by the Jewish priests and of casuistry which obstinately refused. I'll cover this in my next article, show that the nature of the mission of John, and the subject of the message of Christ to the Jews was very different from what the churches claim to believe.

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Necesito una lista de los profetas de la Biblia judía?

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