Christmas Bible Quotations

Christmas Bible Quotations
Help with a Biblical quote please?

I took a picture of a church bulletin. Must be the Christmas newsletter, and the image shows three candles. Could someone please help me with an adequate budget for photography bible. Thanks in advance. I know that is pagan – I am one. However, I am doing a favor for a friend.

From the world's darkness came a bright light.

Christmas Bible QuotationsChristmas Bible Quotations

Christmas is a monument to the Virgin Mary

Christmas is a monument to the Virgin Mary

<Celebration December 25 Christmas began in the fifth century CE (CE) when the name of the apostate Christianity Christ attached to the end of noisy revelry Nations Year (page 128:. Good News to make you happy publication of Jehovah's Witnesses.)

This quote is one thousand and one doubts against the popular festival called Christmas. Held on the occasion of the birth of Christ. Many theologians, academics, researchers, even ordinary people are wondering the origins of this festival. For some it is a pure invention, for others it is a pagan festival celebrating some are lost, the unknown god!

In any case, nothing could stop the festival from happening. Even if it was a feast pagan that security must have been a historic event that has movement. To discover the truth behind this is to immerse themselves in history ancient mysteries, not to mention the languages ​​we speak, the place names and personal. I want to consider accessories that go with the party:

The date, salutation, evergreen tree, singing, bells, candles, etc.

I can not face all in one article, so for now, I want to examine the importance of the No. 25. Others will follow in a series. The characteristics of the front mentioned some hidden stories to tell. They are symbols, memories, memories of a great event that took place in an unfathomable past events that have become so twisted and spoiled Truth has become a headache!

Christmas we celebrate today has never happened that way. It a monument deliberately designed to help people remember a person or event that creates. Now I ask: who started the festival? Some finger quickly in Rome the cradle of Christianity and its founder, the Emperor Constantine. They say he was the emperor in 325 the Council of Nicaea (modern Turkey) to meet the deadline of December 25 as Christmas day. (Page 68, Marian Conspiracy by Graham Phillips)

Before this decision, Rome and much like a Christmas feast. It was called "Saturnalia." <Saturnalia> Nomen nomenclature is the origin the name of the planet Saturn, the sixth of the distance from the sun and the name of the day Saturday, 7 written in Latin as <MUERE Saturni> SACRA. In the Bible the number 7 is not a necessity. Refers to God! The God who rested on the seventh day.

Rome itself worshiped the sun god Mithras, the Persian god. This god is said to be born on December 25 (page 40. The Mysteries of Jesus Graham Phillips). The word "MITRE (Mitra) describes the cap used pompous by the pope and other church dignitaries. It is in the form of M, the symbol of the virgin. This symbol has been registered in the coffin of the deceased pope John Paul died Friday, 04/08/1905 Π. He was a great admirer of the Virgin Mary and recorded in his papal coat of arms "Totus Tuus Maria" (All Mary Yours)

Otherwise, AD 537, Dec. 25, the Roman Emperor Justinian built a magnificent church in the country of Romania in Constantinople and is dedicated to the Virgin Mary. (Page 3: Maxime Rodinson <Mohammed>) So, my research was, I discovered that before AD1752, civil began March 25 and ended in February. This month of December was our tenth (de America). March 25 marked the beginning Spring Du Nord. The astrologers also say that the constellation "Virgo" used to show the northern latitudes during December.

The former appointed 25 March, Lady Day and the day of the Annunciation, the day the angel Gabriel announced to Mary. Smart man! December 25 9 months march___25th join the normal gestation period.

The ancient mystics observed four ages spiritual turn, as the 4 seasons (spring, summer, autumn, winter). The first time was the golden age marked at 50, their symbols (└, 7) two symbols are called Libra, which means the equilibrium (a pair)

The second silver age was celebrated in 25 years.

The age was 3 Bronze and Iron Age past.

The silver anniversary year is celebrated on half of 25, 50, of the scale.

Silver is the metal of the moon by the alchemists. The moon is a feature of the Shekinah, the mother, the dome of God. (Pages 29 A CONCISE ENCYCLOPEDIA OF LIFE BELIEF. RCZAEHNER EDITED BY 1977)

December 25 famous the moon goddess, Diana of Ephesus (Acts 7:21 p.m. Bible ss) Diana also known as "Artemis" was held in ancient Greece under the name "Artemision" in March and April. The goddess Diana was the original "Virgin" (Virgin). The word "virgin" is diluted now. Has lost its true meaning. The former "Virgin", was powerful. Personality of God, the visible counterpart of God. She was not the "small daughter, we were forced to believe. a sport for everyone!

His greatness is characterized by epithets titles, names, names were transferred to the "Virgin" is now known as Mary. Read titles of nobility of the Virgin Mary (Catholic Prayer Book Pocket)

Examples: Virgin most powerful, Virgin most, the Tower of David Tower of ivory, House of gold, Ark of the Covenant. How did Marie get these titles? What did she do? Virgo (Virgin) is a real historical figure, known by many other names. His real name was Rahman. Rahma is the name born in the Rome (Roma). The truth of the matter was hidden. When the truth is known, all matters relating to the person of Christ must never!

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