Bible Quiz Questions Children

Bible Quiz Questions Children
The bible quiz-Who can answer all of my bible quiz questions right?

1)who told Mary that she would have the Christ child,Jesus?
2)What is the bible to your family?
3)Who wrote the bible?
4)What did the wise men bring baby Jesus because they thought they were visiting a king?
5)What does God say about chopping down a tree out of the forest and using it as a Christmas tree?
7)Where was Jesus born?
8)Who was king when Jesus was born?
9)Name the 3 gifts that were given to Jesus by the wise men?
10)When will Jesus finally return to Earth?

1) An Angel
2) A Book
3) The Bible had lots of authors
4) Gifts of Gold, Frankincense and Muir
5) Nothing
7) Bethlehem
8) Of What Country? Roman Emperor was Augustus
9) Gold, Frankincense and Muir
10) Looks like not today

Bible Quiz Questions Children

Sunday School Lessons And Student Questions

In a teenage Bible class one day, was a girl who had never been to class before. I had just begun the lesson when she started asking questions that seemed to disrupt the message, but captured the attention of the entire class. Within a month that girl had died and was in eternity. How glad I was that she found the answers to her questions and that she found THE answer in Jesus Christ!

1. Questions are a Great Opportunity for Learning

Although difficult to believe, questions are healthy. But it’s terribly sad when children don’t ask questions. I hope your students continue to ask questions. Children stop asking if they are ignored you don’t show care toward the asker.   The person asking is more important than the question. The question may only be a call for help. A student’s questions are just as great as an adult’s. Their problems are many in a world out of order. Don’t assume you know why they want to ask the question. Give them time, and answer as well as you can. Showing understanding will strengthen the relationship with the child and increase your effectiveness. Sad to say, some leave Sunday School for other places because their questions were not addressed well.

2. Questions and their Answers

“They found Him in the temple, sitting in the midst of the doctors, both hearing them and asking them questions.” Luke 2:46. Are we giving “stones in answer to a request for “bread?” or “serpents” for “fish?” Matthew 7:9-10. The lack of an understanding leader has turned many away to fall back on the standards of their peers or upon the habits of ungodly or unfaithful parents. Questions are seen in scripture as asking help, Hosea 4:12, Judges 20:18, asking for information, Luke 18:36, and to inquire, Luke 18:18. All need answers.

3. Questions are Good Feedback

The questions of children may be feedback that is valuable for the greatest teachers. Feedback shows the areas that are of interest to the student. These questions should be kept in mind or recorded for more thought and prayer, to be taught in future lessons. Though a child’s question may sound trivial, in reality he may be revealing deeper thoughts of his heart, the background and troubles in his life, or even pleading for the attention he desires! Matthew 20:22 is a question to which the Lord answered, “ye know not what ye ask!” and went on to deepen their thinking and teach about himself more fully. May we imitate the teaching of Jesus Christ.

4. Questions Used as a Teaching Tool

The Lord Jesus Christ asked questions in a way to INTEREST, ILLUMINATE and INSTRUCT his hearers. So the teacher can use well-thought-out questions to his advantage. Notice however, that the Lord did not use this tool every time he taught. We are not in need of “cookie cutter” methods but in search of the best way to reach the audience.

5. Questions are a Good way to Review

Review questions are a good check on the teacher and the teaching. The answers or absence of them will help correct points in previously misunderstood teaching. Some review is necessary each week, but a special quiz-time should be set aside periodically in the class. Possibly this could take the form of a competition, or “Question Bee”, or game to review verses and previous lessons. This has several advantages: A. To find out how much the child retains; B. To encourage participation; and C. To learn if some have thought more deeply than others.

About the Author

Shad Sluiter is a missionary and Bible teacher.  His Sunday School Lessons online include hundreds of free worksheets and free activities.

Bible quiz survey-Who can answer these quiz questions about Jesus and the bible?

1)How should parents treat a stubborn and rebellious son?
2)What happens if you are not a virgin on your wedding night?
3)What does the bible say about witches?
4)What is the origin of the “mighty men” giants known as nephilim?
5)According to the bible, what is God not able to do?
6)According to the bible, where does God live?
7)What price did David pay King Saul for his first wife?
8) What happened to 42 little children who teased God’s prophet Elisha for being bald and he cursed them in the name of the Lord?

these are not homework questions(graduated from high school in 2007)
just answer as many as you can.

9)What does the bible say about going out into the forest and chopping a tree down to use it as a Christmas tree?
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These aren’t original questions.

1) Deuteronomy 21:18-21
2) Deuteronomy 22:13-21
3) Exodus 22:18
4) Genesis 6:4
5) Judges 1:19
6) Kings 8:12
7) Samuel 18:27
8) Kings 2:23-24
9) Jeremiah 10:2-8

“Why Jr. Bible Quizzing Matters” Rev. Scott Graham