Bible Study Fellowship Weekly Questions

Bible Study Fellowship Weekly Questions
Bible Study Fellowship Weekly Questions

The collision of faith and reality

Faith and acts as atoms colliding in an atomic accelerator to form a new reality for me.

Was like going to believe that the earth was flat, it is a sphere.

James shows that the soul survives the dimension time and space.

Soul Survivor is the story and point!

As a Christian, history has challenged my faith in all that faith can be challenged – a journey of discovery was a fear – the destination because, he said. Soul Survivor suggests the answer our salvation and redemption that persecute Christians throughout this life on earth. Apart from accepting Jesus Christ as my Savior – This the most profound experience of my life.

Chapter Twenty-eight

Bruce had held a retreat from the struggle of wild guesses about the meaning of your nightmares. He had dug in and insisted that, whatever, are not evidence of past life. However, he lost the battle for name, Natoma Bay – it was an American vessel, not Japanese. Jack Larson was a real person to fly a real aircraft carrier. Knowledge her son had had and the flight was strange, the battles in the Pacific are real and veterans supported by the details. James finally had to accept that Huston was the driver who died in horrific nightmares of his son.

However, he was sidelined by the fact that James insisted for flying a Corsair in war and privateers were not reported Natoma Bay. And now that last bunker fell. I had a image of James Huston standing in front of a Corsair.

Was starting to believe in something beyond reason.

I was baptized and raised as a Methodist. I grew up going to church every Sunday with my mother and sister. My father had little to do with the church. Church is a place that makes me feel comfortable, safe, welcome.

In college, my presence has slipped but I went to church with friends of different faiths – to see how they were. I went to Buddhist temples, cathedrals, Catholic, Lutheran, Pentecostal, Episcopal. . . the Most Protestant churches. I even went to the synagogue.

But As I matured, I am connected with the evangelical Christian movement, I was finally involved in a Christian gospel businessman is full scholarship.

We meet every other week for Bible study, discussion and try to absorb the Word in our lives. It was a dramatic journey. I studied the Bible intensely. The Holy Spirit has been demonstrated by me in praying in tongues, faith healing, and we call discernment.

I witnessed the healing that they were Authentic.

Personally, I have the real power of prayer. Asked for a second chance after my first marriage failed because he was lost spiritually. I prayed for a woman with green eyes – and that was in Asia – and my second wife Dre, has green eyes and her mother is a Filipino and a half.

Suffice it to say that I am a Christian country developed in a continuous path of spiritual growth.

If James nightmares were a manifestation of a past life – proof of reincarnation – then, as I have seen, would undermine the biblical promise hello. If the immortal soul random can transfer from person to person, generation to generation, then What this means for Christian orthodoxy redemption? What happens on the day of trial, if the soul is immortal and delivery? Goes against the doctrine of the Gospel of rebirth through a life spiritually transformed by Jesus Christ staff.

The impact the story of James in my spiritual well-being. . . Well, it was as spiritual warfare. My aim to refute what was happening to my son to prove it was a coincidence – that astronomical that possibility seems remote.

Of course, I was drawn on the creation of these tests, the development of questions to be answered, all the time I was growing closer and closer something. . . dangerous. . . It was like putting my hand in fire. . . ¹

You can put your hand in the fire and eventually be healed – but to get answers that could endanger an entire belief system was scary.

I traveled a strange path and lost in the fog looking for an unknown destination. Questions were simple – but the answers could destroy my faith in life and endanger my hello. During the trip there were many times I wanted to stop – but a voice of coercion led me forward. My effort was concentrated on my love and concern for my son. When I saw the full force of their nightmare of a film "The Exorcist" hit me square in the face.

James can be possessed by a demon! At each stage of the validation of what they told us the fog began to dissipate and the objective was clearly visible.

James had a past life or reincarnation had happened – the correct conclusion would not accept. It took time and as the fruit of this tree produces the experience.

In faith and actual final touches that atoms in a nuclear accelerator to form a new reality. It was like going to believe the earth is flat like a sphere. James has shown that the soul survives dimension of time and space.

As a Christian, history has challenged my faith in all that faith can be challenged. Soul Survivor, "suggests the answer to our desire for salvation and redemption of Christians to continue throughout his life on earth. Apart from accepting Jesus Christ as my savior – it is the most profound experience of my life. "Soul Survivor" is that history and point! I went with many unanswered questions regarding how and why.

¹ The above is an excerpt from the book Soul Survivor: Reincarnation a war Fighter II driver Bruce and Andrea Leininger World with Ken Gross. The quotation above is a scanned reproduction digital print text. Although this fragment was corrected, errors can occasionally occur because of the digitization process. Please see the book completed accurately.
Copyright © 2009 Bruce and Andrea Leininger with Ken Gross, author of Soul Survivor: The reincarnation of a WWII Fighter Pilot

© 2009 Bruce Leininger, co-author of Soul Survivor: The reincarnation of a WWII Fighter Pilot

About the Author

Bruce and Andrea Leininger live with their son, James, now eleven years old, in Louisiana. You can visit their Web site at

Ken Gross is a novelist and nonfiction writer who lives in Brooklyn, New York.

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