American Bible Society New York

American Bible Society New York
A Bible from the New York American Bible Society published in 1847. Perfect condition. What is it worth?

It’s hard cover and is only worn by time and use. It’s in such good condition that it can still be used as if it were made yesterday.
There is a signature in the back written with a quill. I can’t make out what it says.


I have no personal knowledge of it, but as a regular viewer of “Antiques Roadshow” I have heard the appraisers say that old Bibles aren’t really worth that much, because there are so many of them.



American Bible Society New YorkAmerican Bible Society New York
American Bible Society New York

My great great great grandmothers bible information?

My grandmother recently gave me her great grandmothers bible which would be my great great great grandmother’s,

So on the front cover of the bible it says Frederick Edward Wright. Then on the inside it says it is the Holy Bible Containing the Old and New Testaments

New York:
American Bible Society.
Instituted in the year 1816

Im trying to find out if Frederick Edward Wright is an important person who gave my great great great grandmother this bible for Reward of Merit for procuring funds to aid the cause of Missions. Brookline (or Brooklyn) July 1854. She lived in New Bedford MA at the time. But she may have gone to Brooklyn for the Missions. I dont know.

On the very last page is says it was presented to her by a man named Jack S. (his last name is there but it is not readible.) Then it says New Bedford MA

Who is Frederick Edward Wright? Why is his name on the cover of the bible?

someone help if they can


Well, there is a Frederick Edward Wright, born 1934, who is an author & compiler of lots of genealogy records in book form.

Click on that link to view all his publications, some have to do with MA too.