Books Of The Bible Timeline

Books Of The Bible Timeline
A question about Mormons?

I answered another question about Mormons believeing in the Bible or not, and I said that the Book of Mormon a parallel to the Bible and has a lot of criticisms. Then he asked: "If there is a parallel, then why continue the timeline of the Bible and talk about all the times charicters Bible in parallel, and why not the Bible mention any of the books added charicters Mormon? – I read on the way I do not need any explainations of faith to prove that it's okay, just to justify why the Bible does not mention it. Thank you.

the Bible does not directly Book of Mormon characters and events by name because the Bible was written by prophets who lived in jewrusalem. And the Book of Mormon was written by prophets who left jewrusalem without telling anyone and went to the Americas. And due to the fact that there was no satellite or telephone communication in those days, the prophets Jerusalem could not call the United States, and say hey what's going into their part of the world. However, since the Book of Mormon prophets had come of Jerusalem, and were associated with the prophets of Jerusalem before he left, I knew everything about Jerusalem and what was happening there, and had all the scriptures until they left. and took copies of the scriptures with them to America. And as he communicated with God and wrote his own records, ancient scripts were still very much alive in their minds and hearts, and studdied them all the time. Now, in their words, being of people in the new world in the Book of Mormon, Jesus They are mentioned, but not by name when he said I have other sheep that are not of this fold, I have to visit, and there shall be one flock and one shepherd. He was talking about going to visit the Book of Mormon people after he was reserrected. And the visit is recorded in the Book of Mormon when Christ visits the people in the Americas after that was resserected.

Books Of The Bible TimelineBooks Of The Bible Timeline
Books Of The Bible Timeline

Scriptures of God as a love letter

If Scripture is God as a love letter from God, automatically updated Your level of commitment to change just a single paradigm. This approach prepares you for a deeper level of intake and introspection.

Imagine the person who loves you more than anyone could ever a physical journey, but sent the expression of his heart. How cope with the letter? What do you keep the mentality that we approach it?

The Bible says that God is love. 1 John 3:1 (NIV) says: "How great is the love the Father has lavished on us, we are called children of God! "

Scriptures of God as a love letter is an expression of God's heart toward you and a revelation of his place in history.

I encourage you to come to Scripture with expectations and the tools to really dig in.

It is true that the biggest challenge of all is the fact that the original letter of love "was written in a language other than thousands of years. The resources you have available to you today is a serious student of the Bible that access with real depth of meaning possible.

Resources that can help the study of Scripture are the following:

"A Match keyword or program Search
"A Dictionary of the Bible
"A book of biblical names
Deadlines tables
"A cross-reference
"Different versions of the Bible
"Every day
"Sermons written and audio

You can get these resources at a very low cost of online retailers and used bookstores. Many they are also free online. As you learn to use resources as well, which will serve you well for years and years.

Remember, you can use the tools, if you do not have the right mindset. The reflection is based on the right to see the value of Scripture itself. They are the love letter from God to humanity and should be considered as motivation to keep studying the Bible for yourself personally.

Once you start digging a little this way of thinking based on values, the growth cycle and really feeds you less intimidated by the learning curve to learn to use the tools of Bible study is available.

Enjoy what is available so you can really in the Scriptures of God and it will be very useful. The Love Letter of the Word of God comes alive when approached with enthusiasm equipped.

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What if you knew you had 802 days left?

If you knew you had 802 days until Christ returns to the decision the Court turn to God in humility and prayer, and in the days of Nineveh? No need to answer this for me, but ask your self the question – Are you ready? We must also realize that each of us – tomorrow may be my last day … click "I almost there" – a book detailing stufy exaustive all aspects of the chronology of the Bible that the search for God while he is ..

Your right Tomorrow may be our last days. No matter how much they love the Lord, pray, worship, sometimes it does not seem enough. I tend to miss the glory. I am so happy that my sins are forgiven as far as the east is from the west. I am glad that the Lord will never leave me nor abandon me. I am happy because he saw that I can face tomorrow, he holds my future. Well, I want to be the last / first in your list. He said that the first will be last and the last shall be first. I know that our God is an awesome God. As the room of Arsenal said on his arrival in America, if you love the Lord does not, then I do not want to be … LOL … Blessing you … In Christ me !!!!!

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