Printable Bible Trivia Questions

Printable Bible Trivia Questions
Printable Bible Trivia QuestionsPrintable Bible Trivia Questions

Printable Trivia Quiz – Science Q & A

Science Trivia Questions and Answers

What Delta supersonic transport wing the fastest aircraft of passengers?

A: The Concorde.

The comet was first sighted by Chinese in 240 BC?

A: Halley's Comet.

What does "SPF" on containers of sunscreen mean?

A: Sun Protection Factor.

What M-word is defined as "a device that changes the sound in" an electric current?

A: microphone.

What colorless gas is essential in the production of fertilizers and bulbs?

A: Nitrogen.

What is explosive gelatin combined with gasoline to make gasoline bombs?

A: Napalm.

What is the Nimbus-7 satellite to monitor changes in depth?

A: The ozone layer.

What part of the body is low-density lipoprotein may block?

A: The arteries.

What was the word abbreviation of "paralysis child "in March 1950 of Dimes posters?

A: Polio.

What book are Christians usually placed on the forehead to treat insomnia in medieval times?

A: The Bible.

What you do business, if you are shopping for a camera Brannock?

A: Shoes.

What is the most common basis of the car is measured in terms of viscosity?

To: oil.

What 18th century chemist Antoine Lavoisier proved is a compound of hydrogen and oxygen?

A: Water.

What objects are studied in what fans call "UFO"?

A: Unidentified flying objects.

Who is known in the business of contracting as "Weird Beard"?

A: Sigmund Freud.

What is the title of the book in English Interpretation of Dreams Freud?

A: The interpretation of dreams.

What celestial objects were once referred to as "hairy star?

A: Comets.

What tool is an astronomer Rodger Thompson say is "fundamentally change our view of the universe"?

A: The Hubble Telescope.

What are the points of the constellation of the south celestial pole?

A: The Southern Cross.

What study materials at very low temperature?

A: The cryogenics.

What unit of length is derived from the Latin word uncia?

A: inches.

Which country launched the first passenger train in Europe in 1981 super high speed?

A: France.

What is regarded by many as a satellite of Neptune that escaped its orbit primary?

A: Pluto.

What planet is surrounded by two moons?

A: Mars.

What artillery gun was released to the world in 400 BC C.?

A: The catapult.

How is done in an abscess, if the dentist thinks the tooth can be saved?

R: root canal.

What Greek advised: "Let your food be your medicine and medicine your food?

A: Hippocrates.

What a fear antropofágica enumerator?

A: People.

What "black metal" blacksmiths gave its name?

A: Iron.

What word describes the physical components of a computer?

A: Hardware.

What planet is the brightest object after the sun the sky and the moon?

A: Venus.

What makes the shoe salesman bromidrosiphobic afraid?

A: smelly feet.

What planet needs 248 years of meander its way around the sun?

A: Pluto.

What the 18th century astronomer Edmund Halley 24 of the table?

A: Comets.

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