The Bible 7 Pounds Of Flesh

The Bible 7 Pounds Of Flesh
What is the ryhme about the 7 pounds of meat?

There's something about seven pounds of meat cut and offer it as a sacrifice. Does anyone know of this? And does anyone know the ryhme that goes with it? I know it says "do not cut the skin or fat, or crtilage, no bones, but seven pounds of meat alone." I think everybody has something to do with the seven deadly sins or a history of the Bible. If you could tell me or send me a link that will help. I would greatly appriciate.

I do not know that song However, this crib is the meaning of the pound of flesh creditors insist on having their "pound of flesh" are those who cruelly demand repayment of a debt, no matter how much suffering it will cost the debtor. "The bank will have their pound of flesh, but will foreclose on our mortgage and force us to sell our home" The expression is from The Merchant of Venice by William Shakespeare. Love & Blessings Milly

The Bible 7 Pounds Of FleshThe Bible 7 Pounds Of Flesh

The best-selling Christian approach

Sell a career has a new set of rules when you're a Christian. The Bible becomes its rulebook, not in a restrictive sense, but as a guide for the final success, if you act in accordance with its principles. God wants you should be maintained. In Psalm 53:27 says that God "… He delights in the prosperity of his servant." But if simply being rich, settled for the crumbs that fall from the table. You must have fun in the sale as they accumulate their wealth. There should be no joy in his life that "a dance set his feet, and peace in your heart. This is the loaf of success. Do not settle for less.

The first step towards success as a salesman Christian is to examine yourself – outside and inside

In 1 Samuel 15, the Lord speaks of a truth that must be understood by each supplier. The chapter speaks of this moment in the history of Israel, when King Saul fell from the grace of God through disobedience. The Lord told the prophet Samuel to fill his horn with oil and travel to Bethlehem. He will meet with Jesse.

"I choose for myself a king among his son," said Samuel. "You are to anoint for me a son who is appointed. "

Now, Jesse had eight children. When Samuel saw Eliab, the son named, thought he was seeking God's chosen. The man was tall, muscular, handsome.

But the Lord said to Samuel, Look not on his appearance or his height, because I have rejected. God sees not as man sees, for man looks at the appearance but the Lord looks heart. "

The son who was anointed by last was David, who later killed Goliath with a slingshot. But what we interest right now is the comment of God on how man sees: man looks at the appearance abroad.

If man was God and could see the heart of man, then the sellers with a heart honest and frank, I did. The prospect is at the heart of seller and immediately see your sales effort is not motivated simply by a desire to earn commission, but by the conviction that the product sold is real advantage of perspective. In this case, the appearance that the seller would be of little consequence. He or she could dressed in rags, a smile and poor breath. If the prospect is convinced of the benefits of the product, still going to buy.

But God tells us that man looks at appearances. When you're in the middle of your sales day and someone looks at you, what do they see? If you dress in rags, a crooked smile and bad breath, we are touched by the secretary of view, no matter what is in your heart or make something to sell.

Jesus was a carpenter carpenter first class. He did not practice his profession with a dull chisel. Paul the tent maker, do not use a rusty needle. Peter did not fish with a hole in your network. You're a seller. His appearance is a tool of their trade. You can get up to the size, computer, cataloged and put in the time it takes the human eye to travel from the top of the head to hoof. This first impression must be globally positive – always. You should look clean, neat business class.

avoid extremes in the way of clothing, hairstyles extreme. You do not want to give the appearance of a "Sharpie", but on the other hand, does not look like a redneck. How is your taste in clothes? If you are unsure, it's time you found. There are several good books on the subject of dressing for success, to get that reading. Study of some national news magazines and business publications, with particular attention to the dress of politicians and businessmen and women in photos with captions. Watch the cut of their suits, the styles of their clothes, tie, shoes. Do not dress like they do? They are generally considered accepted success. It does not hurt to imitate. News anchors national television models are generally good for you. But beware of local broadcasters, because sometimes they look like Humpty Dumpty and Little Bo Peep.

Your clothes must, of course, be clean and pressed. Remember to shine your shoes. The fact that they are very low on the floor does not mean that nobody sees.

Toilets. Men tend to offend more here than in women. No spots no nose hairs of a mile from the nose, bushy eyebrows without uncontrollable and not not the face with a five o'clock shadow. Take the time you pass a few dollars in his barber chair or living room and tell your stylist that is important to see as a successful businessman, no matter what you have to do to change your current hairstyle. And then obey your choice!

No offense the prosthesis body odor or breath. If you are a new Christian and the fight continues to drink or smoke, be aware that no alcohol his breath you take fingerprints as rami. And who wants to deal with a drunk? About smoking, why not make an effort to stop smoking. It is true, does not go to hell for smoking, but it makes sure you feel as if I had been there.

Good posture is important to learn stand. You need a firm handshake – firm and easy – no wall-like press. But again, do not feel like catching a dead fish.

You need good health and energy that provides good health. The profession requires it or sell it soon fell dead. The devil wants to destroy, and is the most it can be easy for you to eat junk food and has about twenty pounds overweight. So, watch your diet. Reduce you. Exercise.

Then there is his smile. It is the most important asset in your arsenal of physical sales. But the question arises: Are they really smile? Some of us think we are, but what happens with a smile. While we do our best to be kind, the other person thinks: "I wonder what the hell is laughing? "So try your smile. Go to the privacy of your bathroom, look that person in the mirror and smile. What we want is the kind of smile that is like a ray of sunlight breaking through dark clouds after rain, the kind that makes your eyes shine, the kind that turns the heat on person you are talking about.

Did you know that non-Christians can not really smile, how can you? Oh, with enough practice, you can learn to move facial muscles in the right position so that the result is a pretty nice face, but if you look closely you will notice a difference because there is a spiritual quality of decision winning smile of a Christian. This can be demonstrated by connecting a couple of verses of Scripture.

Proverbs 15:3 says: "A merry heart makes a cheerful countenance:" Look at the faces of people in the world around you -. embarrassed, bulldog dour expressions, but ".. a joyful heart makes a cheerful countenance:" Here comes the smile, but springs from a cheerful heart. Now where do we get joy? "The Fruit of the Spirit is love – Warning – joy, peace, patience, kindness, faithfulness, gentleness and self control. "(Galatians 5:22) When a Christian your smile smile for love, what you see is what Jesus shows organized by the Holy Spirit who dwells within. How is it a sales tool?

So now the secretary opens the door to take you the presence of perspective and you've seen? – A man or woman impeccably dressed, going to ease, the outside appearance of a man A successful businessman, his face lit by a smile only once, along the shores of Galilee, has attracted crowds that the pressure against him that had to be postponed a short distance from the coast to teach.

That is their appearance. And what's inside of you? His strength: "I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me" (Philippians 4:13) wisdom. " For the Lord gives wisdom. From his mouth come knowledge and understanding. It is stored wisdom of the righteous. (Proverbs 2: 6.7) His power: "For God has not given us a spirit of fear but of power, love and themselves. "(2 Timothy 1:7)

If these qualities are not obtaining a signature on a contract, Starbucks does not know how coffee!

"But, you say," even if I am a committed Christian, I am sure does not seem to have these qualities me. "If you are new tasks, be sure to develop. If you've been a Christian for some time, perhaps time to seek a fresh anointing from above. The Holy Spirit wants to live in us all its fullness if we allow it. But some of us are boats that flow, not a lot of it for too long. We raise our hands in surrender and he pours into us. For several days we've played hopscotch Cloud Nine ten to eleven, but too soon we leave the cares of the world, the attraction of the duende infernal meat or drill a hole in our minds and strength, wisdom and power springs.

Ah! yes, then the poor, poor me. But our mistake is that it allows Our mindset going for long. We have been sealed by the Holy Spirit on the day of redemption. He will not forsake us. Psalm 37:24 tells us that when we fall, was not introduced head (perhaps to inflame the brain) because the Lord is in his hand.

What we must do, however, is to continue to ask the Father for the fullness of the Holy Spirit, asking for a new landfill to strengthen our weaknesses humanities. The key to a victorious life and, incidentally, a successful sales career is to allow ourselves to be controlled by the Spirit Saint. Mayor is the one that is within us that nothing and nobody in the world. That is in us is God – the God who created the universe and everything in it, the Milky Way the spirit of man. If God is in us and for us, who can be against us?

He does not want to prosper? If we are in absolute confidence, faith and obedience, He wants us to have the desires of our heart. "He wants us to be successful trader?" Whatever you do, do your job with a good heart, as unto the Lord and not unto men, knowing that the Lord will receive the reward of the inheritance. He is the Lord you serve. Colossians (3:23,24) All we do is for Jesus. We must do it well! Woo-eeee! You better ask your sales manager for another block of contracts. Since the Lord we cast our hearts in our sales and are willing to let the Holy Spirit to control our lives and, of course, our sales efforts, we are about to send to the graphic line sales office shooting through the roof!

(This article is an excerpt from "The approach Christian bestseller "Pesta Ray. A full version of this book is available in eBooks by Ray

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What is the biblical reference of "7 pounds of meat" or "reduction of 7 pounds of meat?

I know Pear Shake "The Merchant of Venice" but I am a refence say theres theres also a biblical reference. I wonder. Know that you should not only in the movie "Se7en" of the dead was very religious and parts of the Bible when they are killed. ex. the seven deadly sins. But he also declined 7 pounds of meat per person greedy. and you just say "Shakespeare", but I bet that Shakespeare took the word of the Bible.

"Pear Shake is proof that the spelling is ridiculous.

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