King James Bible And Divorce

King James Bible And Divorce
King James did remove certain books from the original King James Version of the Bible in 1611?

Is this a response to a question I ask: "Believe or not, the original King James Version of the Bible in 1611, had the same list (canon) of the 80 books the Douai-Rheims version used by the Roman Catholic Church that time. King James insisted on the removal of certain books, because it went against the wishes of the Church of England from the moral (ie, divorce and remarriage) and beliefs (ie, purgatory). "

Of course. The Bible has been copied, recopied, translated changed, added to subtracted from all across history until about the last change in 1612, (actually) is the best of a conglomerate of the writings of people just read and write unknown to us and especially to each other …. remember that the Middle East was as chaotic as it is now time … crowded, dirty, and one of the tribes who are fighting for survival in the other ……. and if you do a little research, you will find that the Gospels of Philip, Judas, and Thomas does not exist (but google search anyway ..).. .. the last one really embarrassing for Christians, in which Jesus became his playmates in the goats, the mud in the sparrows, and an account is denied to give life to a playmate killed. If you are interested in is a great book on religious discussion, try The God Delusion "by Richard Dawkins …. the number 8 days ago in the New York Times list.

King James Bible And DivorceKing James Bible And Divorce

In the Bible against the Quran, men separated Intellectual others to God

This article is the sixth in the series:

"The foreign women in the Bible against the Quran"

In previous articles in this series, we saw that language-wise, the "foreign" woman or women "strange" is that women, even exotic or strange. However, the Bible has a different opinion. As determined the Bible: "Foreign" or women "strange" woman is not Jewish or non-Jews.

Accordingly, all non-Israelites women or non-Jews are "foreign" women or women "weird."

This indicates that women in the Bible are not just one two categories, or are legitimate (true) or overseas (foreign).

According to the inspired Word of God (Nehemiah Nehemiah 10 and 13), the Bible says Nehemiah said:

And the rest of the people, the priests, the Levites, the gatekeepers, the singers, Temple officials, and all those who have separated the peoples of those countries to the law of God, their wives, their son and daughters, and all those who have knowledge and understanding; They key to their brethren, their nobles, and entered into a curse and an oath, to walk in God's law, and we do not give our daughters to the peoples of the earth, nor take their daughters for our son;

In that day they have read in T orah Ammonite or Moabite that should never enter into the congregation of God. In those days I saw Jews that had women married Ashdod, Ammon and Moab. And half of their children spoke the language of Ashdod, and could not speak to the Jews' language, but only the language of each people. And I had to face and cursed the injured and some of them and shot hair saying. And I made an oath in the name of God: "You can not give your daughters to their son or take their daughters for your children or for themselves. Did not King Solomon of Israel sin on account of these foreign women? Among the many countries there was no king like him. However, foreign women made even sin. Let us to listen and to do all this great evil and act treacherously against our God by marrying foreign women? And a child Eliashib priest's, was the son-in-law of Sanballat Horonite (ie, married a foreign woman). So I chased me. Remember, O my God, because they have defiled the priesthood and the alliance of priests and Levites. So I cleaned of all strangers, and defines the duties of priests and Levites, each in their work.


In addition, Matthew Henry Concise Bible Commentary says: "Israel is a particular people, and not mixed with other nations."

It should be noted that although the Bible says the Ammonites and Moabites should always enter into the congregation of God, however, just "Ruth" the grandmother of King David and the ancestor of Moab is the Lord Jesus!

In addition, the Koran says that all women are equal.

In the whole Koran, the term "foreign woman" or "strange" woman is not mentioned, all women are equal in their rights and duties regardless of race, color, location, etc. For more information, read the previous articles in this series.

However, except in the Koran is only for the wives of Mohammed that were specific to women.

Muhammad wives were women specific

The verses of the Koran 33:28-31 talk about how special were the wives of the Prophet Muhammad.

Although Muhammad was a very rich man who had a lot of money and could live in a hotel luxury with all the trappings of life and splendor, however, lived a hard life, a life of asceticism, which allows to give all his money to the poor. His wife asked him one day for some of the attributes of this world and the other women who lived around them. So God gave them two options in the Qur'an to choose one them.

The first option: O Prophet! Tell thy wives: 'If the desire is in the life of this world (and trim) and its splendor, come! You content with the divorce and has published so kind, I divorce you and do not force you to stay. This option was proposed by first time.

Option Two: But some of you is entirely at the service of Allah and His messenger, and justice works – we give you double wages and have prepared for her a generous provision. It was the second option, and wives of Muhammad as you.

Not only that, but follow the Quran:

Or the wives of the Prophet! Those of you guilty obvious lust, whoever of you commits manifest indecency, the punishment for it will double. In other words, double the penalty for other women, and it is easy for God.

And whoever of you is subject, obedient to Allah and His Messenger and is well between her and her Lord, Allah will reward twice on a double reward, and God has prepared for her a noble provision in Paradise, and the double reward.

Therefore, women were women Muhammad particular, your punishment is doubled and the reward is twice too, and both are easy for God.

In addition, the Qur'an (verse 38:30) speaks of kings Solomon and says: What is an excellent servant, Solomon! Was Indeed a penitent soul, always go back [to God] with the glorification and the memory at any time. He was always turning in repentance (To Allah) is the same God Betaking and participate in their obedience.

Two important ethical issues.

1) If the Quran is anti-Israel, and since the king is a king Israelite, the Koran have been exaggerated all the negative attributes of what is mentioned in the Bible and say that is the behavior of the kings of Israel! But the truth is the truth.

2) According to the teachings of Islam (the Koran and the Hadith), someone says or believes that King Solomon (or any other prophet), the bad, not to follow your Lord, built high places for other gods because of its 700 foreign wives is classified as an unbeliever and he or she lives in eternal hell in the afterlife.

For more details, read my online series of 25 articles on King Solomon in the Qur'an, you must type in the Google search engine: "It is not in the Bible, but in the Koran "+ + King Solomon my name.


The Bible: 13:01 and Nehemiah 10:28-30 Nehemiah 13:23-30 and


Nehemiah 10:28-30

28 And the rest of the people, priests, Levites, porters, servants of the temple singers, and all those who had separated people of the earth to God's law, their wives, their son and daughters, each with the knowledge and understanding he has;

29They its key brothers, his nobles, and entered into a curse and an oath, to walk in God's law, which was given by Moses the servant of God, to observe and to all the commandments of the Lord, our Lord, and his judgments and his statutes;

30 And do not give our daughters to the peoples of the earth, not to their daughters for our son:

Nehemiah 1:01 p.m.

1The that day they read in the book of Moses in the hearing the people, and it was written, the Ammonites and Moabites should not enter the congregation of God forever;

Nehemiah 13:23-30

23In those days I also saw that the Jews had married women from Ashdod, Ammon and Moab

24 And their children spake half in the speech of Ashdod, and could not speak the language of the Jews, but according to the language of each people.

25 And I contended with them, and has cursed, and some of them wounded, and torn hair, and the facts swear by God, saying, Ye shall not give your daughters to their son, nor take their daughters for your son or yourself.

26Did not King Solomon of Israel sin these things? However, in many countries there was no king like him who was beloved of his God, and God made him king over all Israel: nevertheless even him did foreign women cause to sin.

27Shall then you listen to all this great evil to transgress against our God by marrying foreign women?

28 And one Children of Jehoiada, the son of the high priest was the son Eliashib Horonite Sanballat: therefore I chased me.

the 29Remember, my God, those that pollute the priesthood and the covenant of the priesthood and the Levites.

30Thus cleanse me of all foreigners, and appointed the priests' quarters and Levites, each on their activities


The Koran (translation Qarib)

Verses 33:28-31

? 28? O Prophet, tell your wives: 'If you are the search for life and their finery, come, I will publish a statement fine.

? 29? But if you seek Allah and His Messenger and the eternal home, we know that God has prepared for those of you who do good works, a great reward. "

? 30? Of the Prophet! Those of you who commits a flagrant indecency, for her, the penalty is doubled, it is easy for God.

? 31? but to obey Allah and His Messenger and that good works will be doubly rewarded for that we have a generous provision.


Back to my question for the intelligent and interested reader:

If researchers honest when they say that the Quran quoted the Bible?

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Can anyone tell me the creation of the King James version?

Not sure, but he believes the Bible has been rewritten several times This is not funny. I know that King James was separated from the Catholic Church is right to want to be able to obtain divorce? If yes, people should really keep a Bible produced from a tyrant? He also learned that Catholics hold rolls at once, and produces a Bible on the reels. Can someone clear it all for me?

It has hundreds of errors, and it was the first Bible printed English, what happens is that they have supported King James. People worldwide English speaking guide and accept the King James Version Authorized or any other translation of the Bible alone. In fact, in such high esteem is that translation many people revere as the only true Bible. This raises some questions. Is countless people who use the King James version not know why, despite objections from the clergy, the modern translations Continue to turn? Do you know why the King James Version itself once opposed by the people? Do you know why, despite strong protest and opposition, the King James Version enters the blood and bones of thinking and speaking English? You know what it is illuminating document will probably kick in their own copies? In short, you know really the King James version? The purpose of translating the Bible, is to take these thoughts of God, originally written in Hebrew, Aramaic and Greek, and put in common languages today. Bible translation makes the book of God is a living book. While true Christians read the Bible, not knowing intelligent change of expression, unusual words, excellence of style, the removal rate of rhetoric or happiness, but to learn the will of God. For this reason the King James version has emerged. That was in 1611. From nearly every quarter the King James Bible was opposed. Criticism is often severe. Broughton, a Hebrew scholar of the time, wrote to King James that "it must be broken into pieces wild horse to allow this version to be imposed on the church. "Translators are not, not knowing that people preferred to maintain what had become familiar, knew that his work had caused a storm. They tried to calm people. We wrote a "translator" Preface "to explain why the King James version was made. This preface is called by the Encyclopedia Americana" brighter than the preface describes the objectives of the translators who unfortunately omitted in the standard printing of the Bible. "Thus, most official versions of today Despite containing a long dedication to the king Jacques, skip the preface. Their presence can dispel many misunderstandings about the purpose of the review. The reader learns that strong opposition was expected. The reader knows that the King James Version was a revision of previous work with little hope of improvement and without thinking about the subject, time, the clamor subsided, and the King James Version trumped Geneva Bible. For over two centuries and half there is no authorized translation of the Bible called in English was made. Not surprisingly, many people began to feel King James Bible that was the only true Bible. Like many people who have opposed any change in the Geneva Bible, many people today oppose any change in the King James Bible. They are opposed to modern translations can be as vigorously as the King James Version itself changed once opposed. King James Bible was now nobody reads the King James Version in its original form. Explain why this book is the Bible in its ancient English version and said: "Almost all editions since the beginning, and corrections unauthorized changes and additions, often adding new errors in the process. The edition of 1613 shows that over three hundred different compared to 1611. . . . In the eighteenth century was the century, however, that major changes were made. . . . The marginal references were checked and verified, more than 30,000 new references marginal were added, chapter summaries and summaries running have been examined thoroughly, the punctuation is changed and standardized in accordance with current practices, textual errors have been removed, the use of capital has been significantly modified and reduced, and an extensive review in the form of certain types of words. "So the changes have been made many, many them in the reading passages, which releases the Commission (1851-1856) of the American Bible Society found 24,000 variations in six different editions the King James version! What, then, the objections raised by people who say they do not want the King James Bible has changed? Version of King James has been amended, found collapsed in a database. If these people do not want to change, so why use it, instead of a copy of a Edition 1611, an edition that has changed? They appreciate, perhaps unconsciously, improvements in the latest editions have been made. Dislikes punctuation and spelling of strange edition 1611, which does not read "fet" for "exaggerated" "Sith" to "leave" or "moe" for "more" than the 1611 edition had. Thus, improvement, If so, is appreciated even by those who say that oppose any change in the translation of King James. A major reason for the version permitted is so widely accepted is the real authority. No doubt that, if not a king approved this version, it would be today revered as if it came directly from God

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