Since 2003, Tamil Christian Media has been spreading the word of Jesus Christ through audio songs, television and radio productions via the Internet. With its origins in Norway, TCMedia began by providing free access to Christian audio songs, such as Siluvai Marathil and En Meetpar. Although they stream the songs free of charge, they urge visitors to purchase cassettes or CDs containing the songs to support the artists.

In 2005, TCMedia added Tamil Christian WebTV, including:

  • Angel TV
  • Gospel Vision TV
  • Rainbow TV
  • Heaven TV
  • Holy God TV
  • JTV
  • Salvation TV
  • Life TV
  • Messiah TV
  • NLM TV
  • El-Shaddai TV
  • Living Jesus TV

In 2007, TCMedia followed up by adding Thuthi FM, a Tamil Christian FM and Satellite radio network, to their portfolio. The station is available on FM in the Oslo region, and across satellite throughout Europe, the Middle East, Africa and Asia.

The story behind TCMedia begins with a Hindu family that migrated from Sri Lanka to Oslo, Norway. In 2002, the son, Sanjeevan Chandrabose, was diagnosed with cancer. By this time, his mother had converted to Christianity and convinced Sanjeevan to go to church with her. He did and insisted that when the pastor prayed over him, God supposedly descended and cured his cancer.

Sanjeevan, then 18 years old, claims to then have received a vision from God to start up TCMedia. He teamed up with a 22 year old, Simon Shashi, in his endeavor to spread the word of Christianity to the Tamil community.

Whether these two young men ever had a viable product may never be known, but it certainly is bare bones and worthless now. The few “channels” they advertise are sparsely populated, and some are completely barren. They encourage the formation of a “community,” but that apparently has not happened. They do continue to update their Facebook page, but again — there is little to no interaction.

If you are looking for Tamil Christian media, look elsewhere. Despite its name, this site will be of little help to you.